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Red Alpac Baby Jacket

Red Alpac Baby Jacket

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Alpaca Jackets utilizes premium Ecuadorian Sheep's Wool and Acrylic fibers, providing an affordable luxury for consumers. As one of the world's most luxurious materials, Alpaca is lighter and warmer than wool, boasting a silky smooth texture. It serves as an ideal gift, blending sophistication and comfort seamlessly.

Orders are processed for delivery within 3-5 days. Product measurements include a waist width of 11.5" and a shoulder-to-leg length of 15".

Sizes available:

- Size 0: Suitable for 5 to 12-month-old baby boys

 Our alpaca sweaters incorporate only the finest Ecuadorian alpaca fibers and blends. Once exclusive to Inca royalty, alpaca is a luxurious and lightweight material, warmer than wool and incredibly soft to the touch. Special orders are welcome.

We are proud to support a noble cause. With every jacket purchased, we will donate $5 from our profits to the Unidad Educativa "Independencia Ecuatoriana" Middle School in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This contribution helps single, economically disadvantaged mothers afford education for their children.

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