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Cerda Imports LLC

Blue Poncho

Blue Poncho

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Blue Poncho utilizes premium Ecuadorian sheep's wool and acrylic fibers to ensure affordability without compromising quality. As an exceptional global luxury fiber, Blue Poncho offers unparalleled lightness, warmth, and a silky-smooth touch.
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Color: Multicolored 

Size: 0 Measurements: Waist and arms 15", Shoulder to leg 19"

Our premium alpaca sweaters are crafted from the finest Ecuadorian alpaca fibers and blends.

Once exclusive to Inca royalty, alpaca is now one of the world's most luxurious fibers. It is lighter, warmer than wool, and has a silky soft texture. Available for special orders.

We are dedicated to a WORTHY CAUSE. We pledge to donate 10% from every item's profit (out of our earnings) to a middle school in Guayaquil, Ecuador, supporting underprivileged single mothers in affording their children's education.

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