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Cotton Pink and White dots Dress

Cotton Pink and White dots Dress

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Cotton Pink and White Polka Dot Dress, complete with bonnet and white underwear. This charming, cozy dress boasts both elegance and style. This artisanal item is vibrant, and easy for newborns up to 1 month to wear. 

Measurements: Waist 8", Shoulder to leg 12"

Standard benefits:

- Crafted from 100% cotton to protect your baby's sensitive skin.

- Machine washable and effortless to put on.

- Eye-catching and fashionable design.

- Cotton fabric offers comfort and breathability.

- Vivid colors stimulate and delight.

- Convenient to wear, featuring snaps at the shoulder and crotch.

Emotional benefits:

- Make your precious girl feel pretty in pink.

- Ideal dress for special occasions.

- Adorn your baby in adorable fashion.

- Soft material ensures all-day comfort.

- Bright colors cultivate a happy and cheerful mood.

- Watch your baby girl beam with joy and excitement.

- 3D & Augmented Reality (AR) elevate the dress-up experience!

- Let the 3D & AR feature astound both you and your child.

Experience our innovative 3D & Augmented Reality (AR)

Delivery period: 3 to 5 days from order date.

Color: Pink

Size: 0

Employing the finest Ecuadorian fiber blends.

We are dedicated to a WORTHWHILE CAUSE. Out of our profit, we will contribute 10% per item to middle schools in Ecuador, helping to SUPPORT STRUGGLING SINGLE MOTHERS to afford their children's education.

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